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Adoption FAQ

Can I visit the guinea pigs at your facility?

We do not have a facility. Cavy Haven is a foster network and the guinea pigs are kept in homes throughout Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego. Prospective adopters should read the “adoption process” FAQ.

Can I adopt just one guinea pig?

If you have a lonely guinea pig at home, we have singles available for bonding. Otherwise, all of our guinea pigs are adopted out in same-sex pairs (and yes, properly matched males can live together peacefully). Here is some information about guinea pig social life:

Can I adopt two baby guinea pigs?

For socialization purposes, all baby guinea pigs are paired with adults before adoption. You can adopt an adult pair, or an adult/baby pair, if one is available.

How much does it cost to adopt?

The adoption fees for guinea pigs are: $35 for a single pig to bond with your guinea pig; $65 for a pair of guinea pigs. The fees go directly back in to the rescue to help feed and house are foster pigs, and for veterinary expenses.

What is the adoption Process?

Step 1: Interested adopters should read the following links first to prepare themselves for adopting a guinea pig:

General information about our care standards.

All about guinea pig care:

Medical guide for guinea pig owners:

Step 2: Fill out our application. Please answer all questions completely or your form cannot be reviewed. You must be 18 years of age to fill out our form.

Step 3: Decide which of the two cage options you would like to use:

Option 1: The C & C Cage is sturdy, easy to make, easy to clean and customizable.

• Instructions are available on, with information on cage options such as lids and lofts.

• Order your Whitmor Wire Storage Cubes “site to store” from

• Then call the sign stores in your area and find a good deal on coroplast.

Option 2: The Midwest Habitat is lightweight, collapsible, and the bottom is machine washable. They are not cat or dog-proof cages. The Midwest cage can be ordered complete from

Step 4: An adoption coordinator will contact you to discuss which of our guinea pigs might be right for your home. When your cage is ready, an appointment is made with the foster home.

Step 5: Meet with the family who is fostering the guinea pigs you would like to adopt. Please bring a carrier to take your new guinea pigs home. You will be asked to sign an adoption agreement and acknowledgement of our return policies.